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Freelance Journalist, 24
Looking for a woman, tbuxton42 is interested in
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    "Just An Honest Guy Looking For Love "

    My name's Tom, I'm a 21-year old student and freelance journalist with massive passions for films, literature, travelling, trying new foods and great nights out. Not having been in a romantic relationship before, I'm simply looking for someone who's maybe not the most outgoing but who, like me, really wants to get to know their potential soulmate on a deeper level than with friends or casual acquaintances.

    In short, I'm simply an honest, unassuming man who wants nothing more than to give romance a try, whether that's over dinner, crashing on a sofa with takeaway, at the cinema or trying a different experience entirely! If you're interested in meeting up, pop me a message and I'll be glad to arrange something sooner rather than later. ..

    Location Maidenhead, Berkshire, South East (UK)

    Marital StatusSingleOrientationStraight
    Has ChildrenNoHeritageWhite
    Wants ChildrenYesEducationUndergraduate Degree
    Hair ColourDark BrownEye ColourBlue
    Height5' 11'' (1.8m)Body TypeSlim
    SmokesNoDrinksSocial drinker
    Dietary PreferencesNo RestrictionsLike AnimalsYes
    Star SignVirgo

    First and foremost a student at the moment, but I'm a freelance journalist too and aim to enter that field in some capacity once university's done! 

    I'm currently completing a BA Journalism degree at City University London after having gained GCSEs and A Levels at a secondary school in Ascot. 

    Born and bred British, the same of which can be said of all of my relatives to my knowledge. 

    I'd call myself an agnostic as I've yet to be completely convinced about the existence or non-existence of an omnipotent, omniscient or benevolent deity... 

    Controversial as it may be, I'm a member of the Conservative Party who voted them into power in 2015 and voted Remain in this year's the EU referendum. Nevertheless, I'm always up for a good political debate and, as with religion, open to any number of different views! 

    While I'm going to the gym more and more these days to work on this, I'd be lying if I said my build wasn't of the slim variety right now...  

    Languages Spoken:
    Spanish, I won't become the President of Spain anytime soon, but I've got a casual understanding of the country's language thanks to having completed both a GCSE and a moderate university module in the subject. 

    Musical Instruments played:

    Music Enjoyed:
    Classical, Contemporary Classical, Country, Folk, Heavy Rock, Pop, Soft Rock, 70s music, 80s music, 90s music, For the most part, I'm up for listening to any music aside from dubstep or rap, but again, I'm more than willing to be convinced on those genres for which I've yet to gain an affinity. 

    Sports and exercise:

    Interests and activities:
    Art, Camping, Computer games, Eating Out, Friends, History, Internet, Politics, Pubs, Reading, Shopping, Theatre, TV, Walking, Writing. Again, I'm adaptable, but nothing beats watching a great film, eating a delicious meal, diving into a great Netflix series, meeting friends old and new or writing new articles for me at present. 

    Animals and Pets:
    Two adorable dogs and an increasingly affectionate cat comprise my pet roster at present, though they live with the family in Maidenhead rather than up with me in London during university terms. 

    Newspapers and magazines:
    Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, The Times, This one doesn't make any difference to a person's personality, really, but I tend to go for the broadsheets, particularly in their online incarnations, or entertainment-driven magazines now and then. 

    C. S. Lewis, Charles Dickens, George Orwell, Ian Fleming, J K Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, John Le Carré, Philip Larkin, Sebastian Faulks, Shakespeare, Stephen King, Give me 'Narnia', 'A Christmas Carol', '1984', 'Casino Royale', 'Harry Potter', 'The Hobbit', 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy', 'The Whitsun Weddings', 'Birdsong', 'Othello' or '11.22.63' any day... 

    Favourite Films:
    Citizen Kane, ET, From Russia with Love, The Godfather, Psycho, Star Wars, Terminator, 2001, Some of these I've ticked as I genuinely need to get around to watching them! Be sure to let me know what films you're into, as I'm a real cinema enthsuiast. 

    Enjoyable evening out:
    Cinema, Meal, Pub, Musical, As I mentioned above, you can't go wrong with a trip to the cinema, to the pub or to a theatre show in my humble opinion. 

    Favourite Dishes:
    Chicken Tikka, Fish and Chips, Handmade Pizza, Lasagne, Mediterranean vegetables and Ricotta wrapped in Filo, Smoked Salmon, Spaghetti alle Vongole, Although I'm definitely not a vegetarian, I'll often go for veggie meals over meat-heavy ones, though I'll never say no to dishes like sausages and mash or pepperoni pizzas. 

    Ideal Holiday:
    Disneyland, Driving across the US, As someone who adores America to bits and has become something of an adrenaline junkie of late, heading to the US or trying out the biggest coasters at the various Disney parks (or elsewhere) would definitely be an ideal vacation. 

    In another life:
    a film director 

    Affectionate, Ambitious, Caring, Cheerful, Considerate, Friendly, Intellectual, Modest, Optimistic, Positive, Reliable, Reserved, Sensitive, Shy, Tolerant 

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