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datingEver noticed how one question begets 3 answers !?

Autodidactic - iconoclastic - direct - continually questioning and bringing together disparate eleme ...
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dating3-in-1 : Can you... Love, Cherish, and Be a Friend

I'm loyal, honest, sensitive, romantic, tactile, humorous, a father, intelligent, fun, solvent. I li ...
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datingtaking it seriously but its got to be fun, right?

The quick headlines are working in education (late career change from print publishing), in London s ...
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datingThoughtful and Liberal?

Us chaps do take rather a long time to grow up, but I think I'm nearly ready! Like things intellectu ...
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datingConsiderate and fun!

Relaxed friendly male with much still to offer the right person. Open minded, enjoy varied lifesty ...
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>>> more women      >>> more men
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