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Chapter 5:

Article: Tips on getting a better response

Make sure you have a full, well written  profile that does you justice - see separate article on this.

Put a good photo of yourself on the web. Research shows that people who place photos get - on average - a four times better response than those that don't.

Login frequently - the primary search order is by most recently logged in.

Pay for full membership - we promote full members more than free members. 

Be proactive. It is essential that you initiate contact with other members - don't just wait for them to contact you.

  • Tag loads of people as Yes or Maybe
  • Add members to Favourites as well
  • Send loads of Winks/ Icebreakers

Here is the food chain of what is likely to generate most interest at the other end.

  1. Personalised email ..
  2. Icebreaker ..
  3. Wink ..
  4. Adding as a favourite OR Tagging Yes/Maybe

The personalised email takes longest to write - so combine sending some personalised emails with lots of winking + tagging.

You can send a wink ...wait for a couple of days then follow up with an email if you don't hear back.

Give each email you send the personal touch. If people get a standard 'Copy/Paste' email from you that looks like it could have been sent to anyone then they probably won't rush to respond. Consider mentioning something in their profile that you found interesting or funny. Also consider telling the person just a bit about yourself.

Guys: most women are wise to you playing the numbers games so copy/pasting "Hey I liked your profile - drop me a line" to 100 people doesn't tend to work 

Target emails realistically. There is nothing to stop you sending emails to anyone and everyone on the system. However, if you don't have unlimited time then you may consider focussing firstly on people that live reasonably close to you and that are about your own age. Of course there are many exceptions, and life would be very dull if there weren't - but, just for the record, women tend to respond most frequently to men who are between 3 years younger and 7 years older than they are. Pretty much the same can be said in reverse.

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