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Nurse, 67
Looking for a man, Nightnurse is interested in
  • Long Term Relationship

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    "I Love To Love.......... "

    Hey Ho, here we go - Finding someone to be the sunshine when you get up, and the warmth when you go to sleep - Corny? Maybe, but isn't that what most of us hope for. That person who is the other half.. who has your back, as you have theirs; who respects you for who you are, and with whom you can laugh or cry. I would love to be that person for my other half - could that be you? ..OL

    Location 'Coast' - Canterbury, Kent, South East (UK)

    Marital StatusSingleOrientationStraight
    Has ChildrenNone SelectedHeritageWhite
    Wants ChildrenNoEducationProf Quals
    Hair ColourBlondeEye ColourBrown
    Height5' 2'' (1.57m)Body TypeHomo Sapiens - of course!
    ReligionNone SelectedPoliticsCentre-Left
    SmokesNoDrinksSocial drinker
    Dietary PreferencesNo RestrictionsLike AnimalsYes
    Star SignScorpio

    Wide variety of nursing experiences over my adult working years, plus a few other occupations along the way. Currently planning retirement in early 2018. 

    State school education followed by College then into training to be a Nurse - not quite led by Florence Nightingale, although it does seem that long ago now. 

    Interesting paternal background - more of that later. 

    I have no time for religion in the formal sense. I do believe there is something we don't truly understand that we refer to as spiritual. 

    Definitely left of Centre although never a fan of Tony Blair. 

    Shorter than I was 40 years ago - how did that happen? Unable to get rid of that extra weight, no matter how badly I treat it, but not hugely obese. 

    Languages Spoken:
    As a somewhat lazy Brit, with the safety net of English being a globally acceptable language, I only truly speak English and Babytalk! I understand a handful of words in one or two European languages, and can usually understand Americans. 

    Musical Instruments played:
    Sadly the only musical instrument I ever became accomplished on was the triangle - although I was at primary school during this phase of my life. I have learnt to play the kazu, but not to any particular tune. 

    Music Enjoyed:
    I absolutely love any music that sends tingles down my spine or takes my breath away. Favourites are '60's and all the Oldies that are still touring. 

    Sports and exercise:
    The only sport I play is the game of life, and that can be very challenging. I enjoy watching Rugby Union, particularly the big tournaments. 

    Interests and activities:
    Apart from finding some R+R, photography - much to learn, writing/poetry, theatre, cinema, crosswords/Sudoku/quizzes, Being with friends/family. 

    Animals and Pets:
    Many during my childhood years, and a beloved springer spaniel - a member of the family during my children's childhood 

    Newspapers and magazines:
    Hello, The Oldie, Kent Life, Daily Mail (despite my left of centre leanings) 

    Rachel Joyce; Marian Keyes; Jonas Johansen; Ken Follett, Wilbur Smith, are some of my favourite authors, so anything written by them that I had not already read 

    Favourite Films:
    Film choice would be something with a human interest story, a few tears perhaps with a dash of romance. 

    Enjoyable evening out:
    Most likely I would choose theatre or cinema, with time to chat over a pre show meal. 

    Favourite Dishes:
    Food choices very much depend on the restaurant and the reason for being there. Roast beef and Yorkshire would be fabulous in a country pub on a Sunday afternoon. Pre show is best kept light (for me) - fish maybe. 

    Ideal Holiday:
    Circumstances allowing, my preferred holiday would be a cruise, taking in the Fjords and Northern Lights 

    In another life:
    If I could be an accomplished musician and/or writer I would feel complete. 

    I have no idea how my friends would describe me. From my perspective I consider myself to be a confident, caring and independent person, who doesn't suffer fools gladly. I am serious when appropriate but prefer to see life from a light hearted view-point. 

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